Speaking to a gathering of Utah Valley leaders on Thursday, former BYU quarterback Robbie Bosco emphasized the significant impact each leader can have in the lives of young people today.

"The youth are what it's all about," he said. "I think our youth are our future and the youth are the future leaders of this world and the great country we live in."

The occasion was the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, an event leading up to the Freedom Festival held in Provo each year. The breakfast is an annual opportunity for religious, government and civic leaders from Utah Valley communities to come together to join in prayer, song and the spoken word.

"There's a lot of power and influence gathered in this room," he told those gathered. "There's a lot of strength in here."

Bosco said today's leaders need to set an example of service to the youths of their communities. He said he sees each leader as having an opportunity to influence some youth in some way. He used examples of the BYU football team performing service to illustrate the impact leaders can have.

"It's a great responsibility we have," he said. "The youth are very precious and very special people in our lives, and they look up to us as examples. And it's how we react and how we show our examples to those youth that's going to carry them through their lives."

Prior to Bosco's remarks, Pastor Scott McKinney of Orem's Christ Evangelical Church spoke briefly about an attitude of complaint he notices in Americans. He shared two scriptures from the Bible to show principles which he felt could be better incorporated into the lives of Americans. One passage urged gratitude while the second urged the praying for government leaders.

Those in attendance also heard the One Voice Children's Choir, which has performed internationally and also sang at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.

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