PROVO — Officials with the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program are waiting for proposals from commercial fishermen and companies to remove the millions of carp in Utah Lake.

Reed Harris, director of the June Sucker Recovery Program, told the Utah Lake Commission Thursday that about 25 to 30 people interested in either fishing for or marketing the carp attended a meeting with the program several weeks ago. Harris said they want fishermen and marketers to get together and submit a joint proposal, which would be easier and less expensive.

Proposals are due June 2 to the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program. Harris said a selection would be made by mid-June and carp removal will begin this year.

"We have a goal to try and remove five million pounds of carp (this year)," Harris said.

He added that they want to remove that amount of fish every year for six years in order to get the carp population to a controllable number.

The program has about $300,000 this year for the removal of the carp, but Harris hopes more funding can be acquired in the years to come.