Adrenaline is an amazing thing.

Functioning on little-to-no-sleep, both of the "American Idol" Davids rolled into the media circus of live morning television.

The two finalists arrived in the NOKIA Theatre at L.A. LIVE plaza and began a round of interviews for Fox affiliates from around the country.

Looking surprisingly well-rested, refreshed and completely relaxed, Murray's David Archuleta appeared on Fox 13 with Big Budah.

Answering the usual litany of questions about future record deals (none yet), and how he stays so humble (friends and family), Archuleta commented that he doesn't take any credit for his talent and he always "thanks ..." then pointed to the sky.

The "Idol" finalists are ushered through the interviews on a tight schedule. How disappointing for Archuleta fans when, during Fox's 2- to 3-minute interview, they turned the time over for an awkward appearance by representatives of Tracy Aviary.

It's still unclear what the connection was or why Fox chose to give up their precious interview time, but the Aviary presented Archuleta with a banner that people had signed. With Archuleta politely commenting, "That's so cool you guys," the Aviary then took even more time by trying to have a bird, with apparent stage fright, sing a song — which never happened.

Then Archuleta moved on to another round of interviews.

Fox 13 did the same thing when they had time with David Cook. Perched in a director's chair, Cook, who looked more tired than Archuleta, was adamant about what a "great kid" Archuleta is.

"Utah you did a wonderful job raising that kid — he's as genuine as they come, and I'm honored to have shared the stage with him."

Then, Fox used its time to showcase Polynesian dancers rather than ask more questions of Cook. The dancers began and Cook sat awkwardly watching.

Archuleta was able to make one more appearance on Fox 13 and was surprised when he was told that "American Idol" would be auditioning in Utah, "I hadn't heard that. Oh my gosh — that's crazy!" He went on to say how well "So You Think You Can Dance" auditions went in Salt Lake City and said with a chuckle, "Utah's doing well."

Oddly enough, the Polynesian dancers came out and again. Archuleta was not quite sure how to respond to the gyrating hips in front of him.

Flipping stations, NBC's "Today" announced the two Davids will sing on the show Thursday.

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