"Oh my gosh. No more getting judged after each performance. Now we just get to do what we love to do and it's not viewed as a competition."David Archuleta on the show's conclusion

"The respect that I have for David Archuleta is very much past the competition thing. He has more talent at his age than I know what to do with at 25. To be able to share the stage with him is an honor for me."David Cook on David Archuleta

"He's like my big brother. I've learned so much. I've looked up to him since the beginning of this. He's such a great guy ... I just feel so honored to be standing next to him."David Archuleta on David Cook

"She's singing from her heart and her soul, and she means every word. You can't get much better than that."Graham Nash on LDS contestant Brooke White

"This is amazing. This is all your fault."David Cook to brother who accompanied him to audition

"It wasn't quite so clear-cut as we called it." — Judge Simon Cowell to David Cook

"I started this season as the word nerd, according to Simon, and I'm at a loss for words."David Cook

"I really want to make an album and see how that turns out. And if music doesn't go as far as I was hoping it would, then I will focus ... education. It would be nice to make a living off (music), but you never know."David Archuleta on his future

"For the first time ever, I don't care who wins. I think you've both been terrific."Simon Cowell to the two finalists Wednesday

"I just can't believe that I made it this far. I didn't know if I'd make it past the first round. It's just such a blessing."David Archuleta on finishing second