Quotes about David Archuleta from the Energy Solutions Arena on Wednesday night:

"Twelve million?!!"Skippy Jessop, 30 a fan

"I feel bad for him. I couldn't believe it."Ryan Mayfield, Taylorsville

"Now maybe he can lead more of a normal life. Nothing is going to change David". — Shawna Sutton, friend of Archuleta family

"The mark he left is untouchable and unforgettable. He is going to keep in people's minds."Sandi Nelson, Saratoga Springs

"He blew everyone out of the water. He gave it his all. He's awesome."Mary Bevan, Bluffdale

"I had four little girls at my house, up until midnight, voting."Debbie Tetz, Cottonwood Heights

"She watched the first "American Idol" until the one right now". — Taylor Cummens, 12, Lehi

"I'm a die-hard "Idol" fan. We love him. He's done amazing things for his age."Colleen McArthur, Lehi, Taylor's mom

"He's the best singer ever. He's adorable. His eyes sparkle". — Ashley Labrum, 13, a fan

"He sings with heart and soul, not with his throat and all raspy."Heidi Hardman, Pleasant Grove

"He has a beautiful voice. That David Cook has nothing."Whitney Peck, Coalville

"No matter what happens, he is triumphant."Wilfredo Mayorga, David Archuleta's grandfather, before the announcement