PROVO — Four free Miley Cyrus tickets are the carrot as officials try to build a subscription list for a new Utah Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau newsletter.

Bureau officials are holding a drawing for the tickets to this year's Stadium of Fire. To enter the drawing, people simply need to sign up for the newsletter on the bureau's Web site, said Charlene Christensen. One subscriber will win four tickets.

Ads for the tickets began popping up on the Internet as scalpers jumped in as soon as tickets for Cyrus' concert went on sale April 4. Just 250 people standing in line were able to reach the box office before tickets were sold out. Most of the 58,000 tickets were sold online. Some tickets offered on the Web by scalpers were inflated as much as 10 times their value at the Marriott Center ticket office.

The 15-year-old superstar of the Disney Channel's hit TV show Hannah Montana is appearing with the Blue Man Group and talk show host Glenn Beck at Lavell Edwards Stadium.

The free, online Utah Valley Newsletter is in development to keep people informed of Utah Valley events and activities.

A teaser to the newsletter will likely be on its revamped Web site due to launch next month, but people must subscribe to get the full newsletter, Christensen said.

"We want to create a list so we can market to those people," she said.

For a chance to win, visit Visit and sign up for the Utah Valley Newsletter by June 18. Entrants must be at least 18. A complete list of contest rules is available at the Web site.