PROVO — The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to consider appropriating more than $600,000 for a radar and projects at the municipal airport during its June 3 meeting.

Provo finance director John Borget said the Provo Municipal Airport needs an appropriation of $176,112 to finish several projects. The projects include the T-hangars and lighting design.

Provo Public Works director Merril Bingham said he knows they've come before the council previously to ask for appropriations for the airport, but they went a little over budget.

"I'm embarrassed to find myself again asking for money," he said.

He explained costs for asphalt and building a fire wall were more than expected.

"We had not anticipated that," he said. "I accept full responsibility."

He also presented an appropriation of $500,000 for a radar at the airport.

As previously reported, the federal aviation administration entered into a deal with city leaders and the Utah Senate to split funding for the cost of the radar. Under this appropriation, Mountainland Association of Government will fund $466,150 of the appropriation, and the remaining $33,850 will be transferred from the B & C road fund.

The City Council approved the appropriations for the airport, and appropriations for repairs to the Provo City Hall, road bonds interest income, neighborhood parking programs and street tree programs.