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Twin sisters Tegan & Sara front the band by the same name.

When I first heard there was a singing duo called Tegan & Sara, my nerdy mind automatically thought about "Dr. Who."

Why? Well, the time lord had companions named Tegan and Sarah.

When I interviewed Tegan & Sara (they're twin sisters with the last name of Quin) a while ago, they told me that every now and then some "Dr. Who" fan will bring it up.

But, they maintained, their parents did not name them after the time lord's companions.

"It just happened that we were named those names," said Tegan.

Sara said they needed to come up with a name for the band they were fronting, and their first names suited them just fine.

Well, Tegan & Sara — featuring the Quins, keyboardist Edward Gowans, bassist Shaun Huberts and drummer Johnny "Five" Andrews — will return to Utah and open for Death Cab for Cutie on Monday at Thanksgiving Point. Rogue Wave will also perform.

The group's album, "The Con," which came out last year, was produced by Death Cab guitarist Chris Walla and featured Death Cab drummer Jason McGerr, among others.

In addition to releasing an extended-play version of "I'll Take the Blame" as a digital download only, as well as a live extended-play "Live Session EP," Tegan & Sara have sold 1,500 demos of "The Con," called "The Con Demos," at their live shows.

Some of those can be found on eBay, with the highest asked price so far is $110.

So, why is the band that is fronted by these two sisters from Calgary such a hot item?

Well, the song "Where Does the Good Go" appeared on an episode of "Grey's Anatomy," and two other songs, "So Jealous" and "Love Type Thing," were featured in "The L Word." But those tunes wouldn't have captured those shows' producers if it weren't for the fact that the songs are catchy and light but also smack of spunky independence.

With sassy vocals and catchy hooks, the music gets stuck in the head. It's kind of like low-key, acoustic/electric melodic punk.

The last time they played in Salt Lake City, the Quins opened for the Killers at Kingsbury Hall. This time they'll be playing an outdoor venue and I'm looking forward to it — regardless if the Tardis appears or not.

If you go ...

What: Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan & Sara, Rogue Wave

Where: Thanksgiving Point

When: Monday, doors open at 5 p.m.

How much: $30.50-$35

Phone: 467-8499, 800-888-8499


E-mail: [email protected]