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The Famine, including three former members of Embodyment, recently released a new album.

The Famine lead vocalist Chris McCaddon said he knew people would compare the band to his former band, Embodyment.

And why not? The Famine is comprised of the same musicians, with the exception of bassist Nick Nowell.

But McCaddon said people shouldn't be confused.

"We started The Famine because we wanted to get away from the stuff we were playing with Embodyment," said McCaddon. "We didn't want the change to be jarring. If we played the stuff we are playing now as Embodyment, I personally think it would have been a mistake. And that band has run its course."

Still, there are the similarities.

"Hard music is hard music," said McCaddon. "But we're playing what we want to play and not what we feel like we have to play."

McCaddon hooked up with drummer Mark Garza and guitarist Andy Goodwin when the three were in high school.

"I think they asked me to sing for them back then because I had long hair," McCaddon said with a a laugh.

After he left Embodyment in the late 1990s, McCaddon kept in touch with the others.

"It was a matter of time when we would get the itch to make music together again," he said. "A year ago, we started coming up with ideas, and then things took off from there."

The Famine's album, "The Raven and the Reaping," was recorded last winter and is the band's first release for Solid State Records.

"We are friends with the people at Solid State," said McCaddon. "And they let us do what we wanted.

"We weren't concerned about what other people thought when it came to the music. And since we were extremely relaxed in the studio, we found ourselves very happy with the album. That was something we had not experienced in the past."

Producer Andreas Magnusson, who has worked with Nights Like These and Becoming the Archety, helped The Famine with "The Raven and the Reaping."

"Andreas has a keen sense to detail," said McCaddon. "He was very involved with how the album sounds and all its dynamics. I mean, we spent hours on getting the snare drum sound.

"There were times when I was itching to do my vocal tracks and we were in the fourth hour of getting the snare right."

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