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Rapper Dirtball, known to his family as David Alexander, attended the University of Utah.

Rapper Dirtball, known to his family as David Alexander, attended the University of Utah and started a band called Chola in the 1990s.

But the ups and downs of the music industry got him to rethink his direction.

"I was at the U. on scholarship and decided to quit the ski team and move back to Oregon, where I was born and raised," said Dirtball during an interview from his home. "I changed my goals and decided to do my own thing."

His own thing ended up being rap, in the vein of the Kottonmouth Kings.

"I was a drummer and liked the feel of the rhythms and how they translated to the live setting," he said. "I toured with Cholam and it opened doors for me, but I was wanting something different."

Dirtball's new CD, "Crook County," is his tribute to his home in Oregon.

"I tell you, I do a lot of stupid things," he said. "And if I lived in a big city like Los Angeles or New York, I would probably be in a bad, bad place. But living in Oregon with my own little studio helps me focus on the things I need to focus on, such as making music."

Music is in Dirtball's family. His parents have a bluegrass band and make an appearance on the new album.

"This album was named after the county I live in, and I put my face on its cover," Dirtball said with a laugh. "I've never consciously done that before, even though this is my third CD for Subnoize Records."

With each CD, Dirtball knows he has to top the last one.

"I do get a lot of people wondering if this one will be better than (2006's) 'Raptillion,"' he said. "I try to ignore the pressures and focus on making good music. I try not to think about what others may say about the album.

"I put everything I have into making an album," he said. "At first it was scary, but now I'm know that if I put all I can into an album, then I've done the best I can. There are times when it does get intense for me, but overall, I know that I'm not someone who is pleased with standing still."

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