An attempted HOV-lane violation stop on I-15 Wednesday by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper turned in to a short chase and a string of bizarre evasion antics by a man who remains unidentified, but under arrest.

Several troopers responded shortly after 3 p.m. when the man, driving an older two-door Honda, refused to stop, left the freeway and led the troopers on a chase west on 400 South.

Officials say the man ran into a dead-end near 300 South and 1670 West and fled on foot into a mobile-home park. There, he entered one of the trailers, threatened the single occupant, and proceeded to change his shirt, cut his hair and partially shave his face.

He left that residence and went to another nearby trailer, where he was apprehended by UHP officers. When taken into custody, the man claimed the trailer was his, though troopers determined that it was not.

UHP officer Cameron Roden said they are investigating and believe the vehicle the man was driving may have been stolen. Roden said officers involved suspect the man may have been under the influence, and drug paraphernalia was found discarded at the trailer where he was arrested.