What we have to remember, in judging the behavior of Mormon celebrities, is that the church teaches correct principles, but by and large we govern ourselves.

When I got home from my mission back in 1973, the Donny and Marie phenomenon was in full swing. My family wasn't into the show, but it was on at the home of the girl I was dating (I'm still dating her, since we're now married), and I thought they were charming and talented. I was proud that some Mormon kids were doing so well. And then I was done.

The trouble was, the world wasn't done with throwing them at me. They were tabloid fodder in those days, so I got to see their faces on the grocery store racks. My best friend almost had a date with Marie (I can't remember if he flunked the brother-interview, or decided not to go through it). Since I lived in Orem and was involved in theater and music, their studio was on the docket for several events, as well as many drive-bys.

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