David Archuleta

Age: 17

Hometown: Murray, Utah

Weight: 100 lbs. "soaking wet"

Attire: Blue boxing robe

Tuesday night's songs

No. 1: "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" (Elton John)

No. 2: "In This Moment" (written by Ryan Gillmore)

No. 3: "Imagine" (John Lennon)

What he says about Cook: "This guy's awesome."

Judges say:

Song No. 1.

Randy Jackson: "This is one of the best performances of the season, and you picked the right time to peak."

Simon Cowell: "Taking everything into account, round 1 goes to Archuleta."

Song No. 2.

Paula Abdul: "You're in the zone. A definite heartfelt performance."

Song No. 3

Randy Jackson: "You are exactly what this show is about. The best singer of season 7 is right there."

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David Cook

Age: 25

Hometown: Blue Springs, Mo.

Weight: 180 lbs.

Attire: Red boxing robe

Tuesday night's songs

No. 1: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (U2)

No. 2: "Dream Big" (written by Emily Shackelton)

No. 3: "The World I Know" (Collective Soul)

What Cook says about Archuleta: "Consistently nice."

Judges say:

Song No. 1

Paula Abdul: "David Cook has arrived, amen, amen."

Song No. 2:

Simon Cowell: "To use the boxing analogy, this was a bit of a lightweight."

Song No. 3

Simon Cowell: "I want to say publicly you are one of the nicest contestants we had ... (but) it was utterly the wrong song for you."

Simon Cowell declares match's champ: "You (Archuleta) came out here tonight to win, and what we have witnessed is a knockout."