PROVO — It isn't done yet — but it is close.

The Utah County Commission signed a "certificate for substantial completion" for the Utah County Jail during the weekly commission meeting on Tuesday.

"Substantial completion" means the majority of the work is done and people can occupy it but there are some small finishing touches the contractor needs to make, said Don Nay, associate public works director for Utah County.

Sheriff's deputies have starting moving into the office areas of the expansion, but inmates won't be moved in for several weeks, Nay said.

Signing the certificate indicates the beginning of the warranty period for equipment in the jail, he said. The commission will also have to sign a final completion certificate when the jail is officially done.

Costing nearly $22 million, the jail will add 400 more beds and about 80,000 square feet. It was originally supposed to be completed in September 2007, but multiple work-change orders and mistakes put it behind schedule.

In Tuesday's meeting, Commissioner Larry Ellertson said the certificate was beneficial and a good sign the jail we be fully completed soon.

Contractors will also remodel several sections of the existing jail after the expansion is complete.