SANDY — Utah's top prep golfers met Tuesday at Hidden Valley Country Club to compete for prize money to buy college materials.

Jordan Herzog of Fremont walked away with $500 in first-prize money after a five-hole playoff with Dixie's Stephen Archibald. Both golfers finished 27 holes deadlocked at 106.

"I am way tired," sighed Herzog, "I am bushed."

As for Archibald, his scramble game finally deserted him. "I wasn't hittin' the green," he said, "and you can't get up and down forever."

Maybe not but it sure worked for a while.

"I was all over the place," he said, "birdie bogey, birdie bogey." He concluded, "If you don't hit it in the right place, this course will punish you."

Herzog did say, "I dropped in a few 15-20 footers."

Another major factor in his win was that he didn't let the wind bother him. "For me it wasn't that bad," he said adding that he hardly noticed it until the playoff. He also reminded that he hadn't played all winter noting that the boy's golf took place last fall.

The event marked the third annual all star invitational and was sponsored by Love Communications and Hidden Valley CC. And this year the girls were included for the first time. Cottonwood twins, Stephanie and Monica Fox battled each other for the first-place prize money of $500.

Stephanie came out on top with a 76 and Monica carded a 77. The eight girls played 18 holes and Stephanie Palmer of Tooele followed at 79. Palmer posted a 68 last week when she won the 4A-5A Championship but couldn't produce the magic today.

"I got off to a rough start," she said, "I went bogey, par then double." Fox only posted one birdie but played a steady round. She said, "My driving was really good today, I just played pretty solid."

The Fox girls will play at UVU and Palmer is headed to SUU. Herzog will join his brother at Weber and Arichibald is headed for BYU as are his two teammates, Jordan Hammer 111, and Mike Jurca 113. Alta's Joe Webber placed third at 108 and he and Archibald both collected $250. Webber will play at the University of Utah.

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