More areas of Utah will be getting broadband Internet service, following a state board's approval of funding to help cover the costs.

The Governor's Office of Economic Development Board on Friday approved funds to pay for $631,909 of the total cost of more than $1.2 million for Carbon Emery Telecom Inc. and Qwest Corp. to bring broadband to 44 rural locations. Each of the communities getting the service has a population of less than 10,000 and is without broadband service.

Qwest plans to deploy the service during the next year in 42 locations. The company says there are 9,808 potential subscribers in areas in and near Beaver, Heber, Wallsburg, Midway, Vineyard, Cedar Hills, Alpine, Mountain Green, Cedar City, Liberty, Eden, Snyderville, West Mountain, West Haven, Summit Park, Spring Lake, Huntsville, Payson, Tooele, Cedar Fort, Lake Shore, Benjamin, Liberty, Joseph, Genola, Trenton and Veyo.

Carbon Emery Telecom was approved for $429,882 — half of the total project cost of $214,941 — to help bring broadband to 159 potential subscribers in Columbia and Kenilworth, both in Carbon County.

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