The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office donated about 3,000 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) to the Road Home shelter Tuesday.

The sheriff's office keeps the meals in storage in the event of major disasters. But rather than letting them sit around until they went bad and then having to throw them out, Sheriff Jim Winder is donating much of the food prior to its expiration date. A new shipment of MREs will come in to restock the sheriff's supply.

The food was handed over to Matthew Minkevitch, executive director of the Road Home. He said the food would be used to help those who come to the shelter nightly in turmoil and need food, even though the kitchen meals the shelter serves each night have finished for the day.

"This is a wonderful donation," he said.

On any given night in Salt Lake County, there are approximately 3,000 people living in shelters or on the streets, Minkevitch said. The new shipment of MREs will last a few months at the Road Home, he said.