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Michael Brandy, Deseret News
Fans of David Archuleta show their support during neighborhood parade in Murray.

David Archuleta's singing voice, mixed with the screaming voices of about 40 of his "Arch Angel" fans, rang all through Archuleta's Murray neighborhood Monday evening as a parade of nine vehicles covered with Archuleta's name blasted his music in support of "their Idol."

Angie Cooper, who led the parade, said it started out as one or two cars a couple of weeks ago.

"It evolved to this," Cooper said as she pointed out all the kids piling into the cars while chanting Archuleta's name. Doors were swinging, windows were rolled down and sunroofs opened as those in the parade, mostly girls, professed their love for the sudden star.

Ten-year-old Megan Zullo and 11-year-old Lexi Davies climbed through the sunroof of Jennifer Davies' car.

"I wanted to marry him before," said Megan, who is best friends with Archuleta's little sister.

Lexi Davies showed off the sign she made for Archuleta.

"It says Utah's new 'arch'uleta," Davies said, pointing out an arch that looks like Delicate Arch.

After the parade, which lasted almost an hour, many people gathered at a neighbor's house for "American Idol" ice cream. The parade seemed a success and only had one injury.

"I fell out of the car," said Truman Crapo, 10, one of the few boys who participated in the parade. He showed off his wounds. "I slipped off 'cause my hands were sweaty."

Crapo said his mom didn't notice he fell out through the sliding van door, so he just got up and jumped in the car again. He said it was worth it.

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