A federal grand jury called by the U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City returned indictments Wednesday on Roy B. Hoskins, owner of Companions Escort Service, and his wife, Jodi Hoskins, the business's office manager. The two were charged with attempted income tax evasion.

Court documents indicate that the charges stem from an individual tax return filed in 2001 by Roy Hoskins, and a joint return filed in 2002, the year the two were married. A statement released by U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman alleges the Hoskins "knowingly omitted substantial income" in both filings.

Roy Hoskins, charged with two counts of tax evasion, claimed $16,283 in taxable income in 2001, and the couple jointly claimed $70,064 in taxable income in 2002. Jodi Hoskins is charged with a single count of tax evasion on the 2002 filing.

If convicted, the defendants could face sentences of up to five years imprisonment or a fine of $250,000 — or both — for each charge.