DENVER (AP) — Here are some highlights of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's report, The National Forest System: Cultural Resources at Risk:

• Only 1,936 of 325,000 U.S. Forest Service sites identified as historically or culturally significant are on the National Register of Historic Places. Only 27 are designated National Historic Landmarks.

• About 80 percent of the 193 million acres the agency manages in 44 states and Puerto Rico haven't been surveyed for cultural and historic sites.

• Heritage programs account for less than 1 percent of the Forest Service's $4.4 billion budget.

• The Forest Service has two architectural historians. It manages roughly 40,000 older and historic buildings.

• The trust recommends doubling the Forest Service's $14.5 million annual budget for heritage programs.

• The trust says statutes should be amended to explicitly recognize the Forest Service's responsibility for historic and cultural resources on the lands it manages.

• The trust says the Forest Service's authority should be expanded to form public-private partnerships to enhance its historic preservation efforts.

• The trust suggests providing additional funding to analyze all facilities and sites for possible inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.