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David Archuleta
Stylist Miles Siggins' reflections on David Cook and David Archuleta:

Archuleta: Up until the non-leather, leather pants incident, I was quite deliberately keeping him young-looking because his fan base is, you know, 12-year-old girls. They're not going to want to see their Idol in suits. But we got so many favorable comments after that, you know, the funky pants incident. So we've kind of taken it a little bit funkier. But you're not going to really be seeing him in a suit or anything soon.

Cook: He's like a total rocker. I think when he came through, he looked more like a cafe artist. Someone who you'd go down to the local coffee shop and see, with his woolly scarves and vests. So we've taken that, and now he's wearing a tailored suit jacket. Last week ... we had the leather peeking out of the arm. ... Just to kind of twist things up a little bit with him. I don't want him to come out wearing a regular suit jacket.