HILL AIR FORCE BASE — The Air Force is publicizing an emergency exercise that will simulate the midair collision of two aircraft, hoping to avoid panic from onlookers who might think they are witnessing the aftermath of a real calamity.

On Tuesday officials from Weber County, Davis County and Hill Air Force Base will practice coordination and agency responses to the mock crash scene of a C-9 and C-130 aircraft, one at Ogden Regional Airport and the other in the vicinity of Farmington Canyon.

The scenario is scheduled to start at approximately 9 a.m. and should conclude mid-afternoon. The mass casualty scene will involve actors playing victims and dummy victims, at both crash sites. Various aircraft parts will be scattered, and there will be lots of smoke to add realism. In addition, more than 24 local agencies will be responding to the exercise sites.

Media will have complete access to the Ogden Regional Airport exercise area, but must be accompanied by an assigned public information representative. Various public information officers will be available as escorts.