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Lionsgate Home Entertainment
"Speed Racer,".

Some new animated and children's DVDs that are now available in stores:

"The Backyardigans: High Flying Adventures!" (Paramount Home Entertainment, not rated, $16.99): Adventure along with Uniqua as a pilot that goes around the world delivering singing telegrams. Special features. Running time: 99 minutes.

"Summertime Fun!" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98): Join "Angelina Ballerina," "Barney," "Bob the Builder," "Fireman Sam" and "Thomas & Friends" for some summer fun. Bonus features. Running time: 57 minutes.

"Bob the Builder: The Three Musketrucks" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98 DVD): Dodger the Milktruck joins the gang in these five fun episodes. Bonus features. Running time: 45 minutes.

"Sesame Street: Dinosaurs" (Genius Entertainment, not rated, $14.93): Elmo, Telly and Abby learn everything about dinosaurs and also imagine what would happen if they became dinosaurs. Bonus features. Running time: 40 minutes.

"Sesame Street: Love the Earth" (Genius Entertainment, not rated, $14.93): Elmo, Zoe and Baby Bear learn about recycling, reusing, conserving water and littering during their adventure. Running time: 45 minutes

"Garfield: A Cat and His Nerd" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98 DVD): Garfield seems to get into all kinds of trouble with Jon and Odie. However, if they get into trouble, Garfield shows he is a true friend.

Running time: 131 minutes

"Care Bears: Sharing in the Sunshine" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98)

"Care Bears: Ups and Downs" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98): Join the cute-loving Care Bears as they work together to help others and try to throw a surprise party for Surprise. Special features. Running time: 44 minutes each DVD.

"Barney: Hi! I'm Riff!" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98 DVD): Riff decides to start his "Best Friends Club" and let everyone join him to sing and dance. Running time: 57 minutes.

"Doodlebops Live in Concert" (Lionsgate Entertainment, not rated, $14.98): Sing and dance along with Deedee, Rooney and Moe Doodle as they perform 25 hits. Special features. Running time: 55 minutes

"Speed Racer — The Next Generation: The Beginning" (Lionsgate Entertainment, not rated, $19.98 DVD): Speed enrolls into Racing Academy, where he uncovers his identity and learns his brother is his top competition. Bonus features. Running time: 66 minutes

"Hiya, Kids! A '50s Saturday Morning" (Shout Factory, not rated, $34.99): A four-DVD box set includes 22 episodes of favorite kids shows from the '50s. Running time: 9.5 hours

"Madeline: Next Stop America" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98): Travel along with Madeline from Tinseltown to New York as she explores a new exciting journey. Special features. Running time: 45 minutes.

"Trevor Romain: If You Don't Take Care of Your Body, Where Else Are You Going to Live?" (PorchLight Home Entertainment, not rated, $14.98): Trevor Romain decides to put the kids to a 30-day challenge while learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Special features. Running time: 30 minutes.