I had tons of response to last week's call for six-word autobiographies.

I'm guessing some of you aren't who you say you are, however, unless Dick Cheney really did send me the following sentence: "Will you go hunting with me?" (The answer is "no.")

Or this one from Britney Spears: "Oops! I did it again!" (Apparently, Britney can't count.)

But whatever.

I received lots of great stuff, which I am happily passing along to our Deseret News readers under the category of "Words to Live By."


For anyone who has to make a buck: "How many days until pay day?" (Rhonda Perkes); "Where does all the money go?" (Molly Larson); "Was that really in the contract?" (Kathy Berg)

For women living with men: "Hey, guys, put the seat down!" (Brian Roberts)

For women of a certain age: "Hey, who turned up the HEAT???" (Jan Larsen)

For anyone of a certain age: "Now what was your name again?" (see above); "Why did I come into this room?" (same)

For mothers: "Because I'm the mom, that's why!" (Patti Midgley); "Who was your maid last week?" (Patti Midgley); "I yearn for a Cheerio-less floor!!" (Lisa Flinders)

For mothers of the bride: "My daughter is turning into Bridezilla." (Anonymous)

For TV junkies: "Don't bother me; it's Thursday night." (Maria Berg)

For parents everywhere: "Do you have to go potty?" (Karee Brighton); "Eat your dinner! This isn't Chuck-a-rama!"; (Darla F. Jones); "It's way past curfew, young lady!" (Amber Mason)

For those of us fond of engaging in wishful thinking: "I'll just say no next time." (Kathy Berg); "Diet Coke makes pizza less fattening." (Eric Samuelsen)

For those of us who are sleep-deprived: "I'm so tired of being tired." (Andy Floisand); "I fell asleep writing my journal." (Margie Allred)

For someone who keeps getting the same question over and over: "No, I'm not pregnant yet. Still." (Lauren Hubert); "What are we having for dinner?" (Vicki Patty); "You have how many kids again?!" (Charlotte Hansen)

For people who grow giant pumpkins: "Life is like growing giant pumpkins." (Gordon Tanner, president of Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers)

For people who want to be in charge: "I am the bossy boss boss." (Katherine DeMartini Barrus)

For people who like a good love story: "Many indifferent girls. One different girl." (Jim Liddle), "Married late; married eight; married great!" (Noni Ruegner)

For people happy not to be dead yet: "Hey, I am not dead yet!" (Venna Sanderson); "Born very young. Not dead yet." (Jeane Bird)

For employees who need an explanation: "It worked when it came in." (Clarence Bemis)

For all my friends at the Deseret News: "Good thing it's only a newspaper." (Wendy Ogata)

For the story of my life not written by me: "Have you finished your book yet?" (Clark Larsen); "Denial is another form of coping." (Bette Ann Kempe)

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