First came the "High School Musical" movies, but Utah this summer will add a reality TV show to the "HSM" portfolio.

The series will be a cross between "High School Musical" and "American Idol" and will air on ABC after being shot at Murray High School, the site of parts of the first "High School Musical" movie were filmed.

Executive producer Bill Borden said casting calls in Florida and Los Angeles have produced contestants who will be brought into Utah, where they will spend six weeks living together and undergoing a rigorous singing and dancing contest. The winner will get a recording contract and sing during the end credits of the third "High School Musical" movie, currently being shot in Utah.

The series will have 34 production days, mostly in June.

Derby Productions Inc. on Friday was awarded a tax-rebate incentive of up to $279,801 from the Governor's Office of Economic Development Board to lure the production to Utah. The company is expecting to spend nearly $1.9 million in Utah for the TV show's production.

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