The name of a 23-year-old man killed Thursday night in a rope swing accident in Ferguson Canyon was released today.

Robert Clayton was with a group of friends swinging on a rope from a ledge atop a steep drop over a creek in the canyon. During Clayton's turn, he slipped from the rope and fell 30 to 40 feet onto the rocks below.

Clayton suffered severe head trauma. Unified Fire Authority Capt. Jay Fearnley said the man was unconscious but still breathing when UFA paramedics arrived, but died during transport out of the area. About 20 rescuers, including personnel from Salt Lake County Search and Rescue and the UFA's Heavy Rescue Unit, were involved in efforts to move the victim from the rugged canyon to a dirt road about a half-mile away. Fearnley said a heavy tree canopy prohibited a helicopter rescue, though an Air Med unit did respond.