No one could feel more love, honor and gratitude for the heroes of Iraq, 9/11 or the selfless humanitarian volunteers who give their time and means to help the suffering of the world. However, when I see the fun and excitement that David Archuleta's success has provided for my grandchildren, he is a hero in his own right — a different kind of hero. He is a wonderful role model and has worked hard for his achievement. He's brought the national spotlight to Utah. Let Utahns applaud him all they can.

Hearing about earthquakes, cyclones and war can't be a very uplifting experience for our young people. They are big news and we need to know about them, but let's publicize the fun things as well. I am a grandma but have thoroughly enjoyed seeing this young man succeed. He is a hometown "hero." Give him his front-page coverage. He makes us smile.

Carol Schofield

Salt Lake City