Last year at the end of May, moments after the Utah Jazz had been eliminated from the NBA Western Conference Finals by 15 points by the San Antonio Spurs in Game 5 at AT&T Center in the Alamo City, emotional leaders Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer each charged that some of their teammates had already made plans for vacations.

"There were some guys that were already on vacation, point blank," a frustrated Williams had said immediately after the game that ended the season. "On vacation a long time ago."

"It is sad to say that," Boozer said in the postgame press conference, "because (of) where we are. We are in the Western Conference finals, and we have guys that have vacation plans."

Now, the Jazz are at the brink of elimination from the conference semifinals, down 3-2 in games to the Los Angeles Lakers with Game 6 Friday night at 8:30 at EnergySolutions Arena.

Lose, and the Jazz are on vacation.

So do any Jazz players have vacation plans set up now?

"No, not one person," Boozer said emphatically at Thursday's practice.

"I hope not. You never know, but I hope not," said Williams.

For other Jazz players, that thought was so far from their minds they had to be reminded of what was said last year.

"What do you mean?" said center Mehmet Okur. "I don't think so. It's not over yet."

Forward Matt Harpring was also surprised at being asked if anyone had vacation plans. "No. For us? No, why? Is that what you heard?" he said.

Told it was just a recycled thought from last year, Harpring said, 'Oh, I hope not. I didn't see it really last year, either. I know there was a couple people last year made a comment like that, but I don't know if that was just frustration or people actually did. I don't really keep up with that kind of stuff."

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