Some tips on finding a legitimate credit counselor:

1. Make sure the agency is registered to do business in Utah. Registered businesses are bonded, and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection has conducted some financial audits. Visit for a list.

2. Ask these questions:

• What services do you offer? A wide range is good.

• Will you help me develop a plan to avoid future problems?

• What are your fees? The National Foundation for Credit Counseling advises consumers to be wary of voluntary fees. Set-up fees should be reasonable, around $50 or less, and monthly fees should be in the $25 range.

• What if I can't afford to pay your fees?

• What qualifications do your counselors have? Are they accredited or certified by an outside organization? What training do they receive?

• How will you keep my information confidential and secure?

• How are your employees paid? Are they paid more if I sign up for certain services, pay a fee or make a contribution to your organization? If so, be wary.

Sources: Federal Trade Commission, Utah Division of Consumer Protection, National Foundation for Credit Counseling