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Leonard Nimoy stars as Paris in "Mission: Impossible."

This batch of new-to-DVD TV shows is led by a British thriller, a true story guaranteed to give you chills.

"SEE NO EVIL: THE STORY OF THE MOORS MURDERS" (MPI, 2006, $24.98). This two-part TV movie's matter-of-fact approach only serves to make the story all the more harrowing, and may bring to mind the Leopold-Loeb killings.

From 1963-65, three children and two teens were abducted, assaulted and murdered, their bodies buried in shallow graves on the Manchester moors. In the film we see a young hedonistic couple attempting to draw into their lifestyle the woman's sister and husband. Eventually, the husband will join them, his naivete leading to tragic consequences.

To the film's credit, only one killing is on-camera, and then it's done in a way that is dark and mostly obscured. But the near-documentary style and excellent performances make for one disturbing ride.

Sadly there is no documentary featurette about the real events.

Extras: widescreen

"TWELFTH NIGHT" (Koch, 1969, $24.98). This delightful, albeit somewhat abbreviated and stagey adaptation of the timeless comedy boasts a stellar cast — Alec Guinness, Joan Plowright, Ralph Richardson and Tommy Steele, along with Adrieene Corri, Gary Raymond and John Moffat. All the players are terrific in this British TV presentation; a must-see for Shakespeare fans.

Extras: full frame

"THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON" (Warner, 2007, two discs, $19.98). Engvall — one of the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" guys — stars in this traditional and old-fashioned sitcom, playing a family counselor with a typically undisciplined family. This is an enjoyable family sitcom, and how many of those can you actually watch as a family these days? As Engvall's wife, Nancy Travis is also good (nice to see her again). Season 2 episodes on TBS begin in June.

Extras: full frame, eight episodes, featurettes

"THE RAT PATROL: THE COMPLETE SERIES" (MGM, 1966-68, seven discs, $49.98). This '60s color half-hour show (yes, they had half-hour dramas in those days) stars Christopher George and is filled with action, focusing on a combat team that takes on Rommel in North Africa during World War II. (This set combines the series' previously released two seasons.)

Extras: full frame, 58 episodes

"THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: THE COMPLETE SERIES" (MGM, 1998-2000, five discs, $49.98). It's difficult to follow up a classic movie, even if it's nearly 40 years later, but this series is an enjoyable Western in its own right. Michael Biehn, Eric Close and Ron Perlman star, and one of the original "Seven," Robert Vaughn, shows up occasionally, as the gunslingers protect a lawless town, as well as areas farther afield. (This set combines the series' previously released two seasons.)

Extras: full frame, 22 episodes

"MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: THE FOURTH TV SEASON" (CBS/Paramount, 1969-70, seven discs, $49.99). Jim (Peter Graves), Barney (Greg Morris) and Willy (Peter Lupus) are back for more impossible missions, joined this season by Leonard Nimoy (hot off of the canceled "Star Trek"), who gives the series some juice as Paris, the flamboyant magician. Guests include Anne Francis, Jessica Walter, Cicely Tyson, and in several episodes, Lee Meriwether.

Extras: full frame, 26 episodes

"GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C.: THE FOURTH SEASON" (CBS/Paramount, 1967-68, five discs, $39.98). This military farce, with Jim Nabors' character from "The Andy Griffith Show" in the Marines, gets a boost in Season 4 from guest stars Carol Burnett (as a man-hungry corporal), Jerry Van Dyke (as an insecure banjo-playing nightclub singer), Larry Storch (as a general!) and Frances Bavier as "Andy Griffith's" Aunt Bee.

Extras: full frame, 30 episodes

"JAG: THE SIXTH SEASON" (CBS/Paramount, 2000-01, six discs, $55.98). Courtroom drama, military-style, with an emphasis this season on the relationship between David James Elliott and Catherine Bell's characters. Guests include Corbin Bernsen, Gerald McRaney and Terry O'Quinn.

Extras: widescreen, 24 episodes

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