The Utah Council on Conflict Resolution on Wednesday honored Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker with the Peacekeeper Award, which recognizes work of peacekeeping in homes, workplaces, churches, schools, parks and communities.

The council praised Becker for his long history of supporting conflict resolution at the Utah Legislature, in private business and as mayor of Salt Lake City.

The Peacekeeper Award was created to recognize the work of conflict resolution and to honor all members of the UCCR and the community who participate in peacemaking.

In addition to the award, the UCCR also honors the peacekeeper with a maple tree planted in his honor at the International Peace Garden. The tree planting ceremony took place Wednesday.

During his acceptance speech, Becker praised the UCCR for its work to create better, longer-lasting results for those involved in decision-making at all levels.

"The way we make decisions makes a difference," he said. "By including everyone from the beginning, we make a difference and ultimately reach better outcomes."

Past recipients of the award include Michael Zimmerman, Kathy Elton, William B. Bohling, Michelle M. Roybal, Brian Florence, Susan Petty, Michelle Hawes, Dr. Leonard Hawes and Diane Hamilton.