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Wayne B. Lynn of Centerville sent in the following:

The Lord must have some special blessings in store for those devoted and courageous Primary teachers who face those exuberant young children each week. It takes a special faith to tame these youngsters and teach them the gospel of peace. Our son, Dee Wayne, was one of these special challenges when he was Primary age. He was very competitive by nature in about everything he did. It was especially noted in his relationship with Danny, a neighbor boy down the street of a similar age and temperament.

What was amusing to us at first was that their frequent encounters sometimes escalated into something more than that. For example, there was the day that Dee returned home from Sunday meetings with hair disheveled, clothing soiled and with a ruddy countenance. All of this bore mute evidence of his latest encounter.

"My goodness!" his mother scolded. "What in the world were you and Danny fighting about this time?"

Young Dee looked up at her in righteous indignation and simply explained: "We were fighting over who was the most reverent in Primary today."

Prayer for prophets

Mary Rasmussen of Draper sent in the following:

Recently my two granddaughters, Blakely (age 5) and Abby (age 2 1/2), came to our home for an overnight stay. When it was time for bed, we said, "Now it is time to say our prayers." Abby quickly responded, "I can say my own prayer." She hopped up on the bed, knelt down, folded her arms and laid her head on the pillow. Then she said, "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless my President Hinckley that he won't die so much. And bless my new prophet Monson." Understandably, our hearts were tender. And we are confident that both sweet petitions will be answered in the affirmative.