It was gratifying to read The Associated Press article in the May 8 paper on the benefits of slower driving speeds, even if it did appear way back in the business section.

Research has clearly shown that reduced driving speed saves fuel. If drivers would simply obey posted speed limits, millions of gallons of fuel would be saved, just in Utah. Economists assure us that reducing fuel consumption would result in reduced crude oil prices. The conclusion is inescapable: Slowing down will save us all money. So why don't we do it?

I have a suggestion. Since the predominant religion in Utah promulgates the notion that its members "obey the law" and "be honest," church leaders ought to stress the application of those principles to careful and consistent obedience to all traffic laws, including posted speed limits. This suggestion could, in fact, be followed by all churches and other organizations in the state. It's time to end the unwritten law that speeding is expected and even condoned in Utah.

Belden Durtschi

Pleasant Grove