Everyone should read Walter Williams column "Environmental alarmists haven't given up dire predictions" (May 7). He documents what I have been saying for a long time: Environmentalism's doom and gloom predictions have proven 100 percent wrong whenever confronted with the real facts. At the University of Utah in the late 1960s, I heard Barry Commoner terrifying the crowd with predictions that the American environment and economy would collapse in 15 years just to keep corporate profits up a few years more. Well, the 15 years came to pass without the promised apocalypse, yet the economic doom might still happen due to the tireless handiwork of his brainwashed disciples.

The question is: Why do the mainstream media give unbridled publicity to whatever drivel falls from the lips of these fear mongers? They contribute nothing to our society while their failed policies, which cost our economy at least a half a trillion dollars a year, are minimized if mentioned at all. Without these enormously biased and favorable media, the public could properly judge them by their works.

Rainer Huck

Salt Lake City