LOS ANGELES — Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko claimed to not know Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was hurt in Sunday's Game 4 of their NBA Western Conference semifinal series.

Still, Kirilenko can feel Bryant's pain.

He's had bouts with back spasms before and knows it's not fun.

Sometimes it's impossible, Kirilenko said. I know what it is like. It just like, stops from you any motion. You can't really do anything. You can't reach. You can't grab the ball from the floor. It's tough to play with a back injury. Very tough. I understand, completely.

Bryant has vowed to play in tonight's Game 5, despite the bad back.

If it were he, Kirilenko isn't sure he could.

In my case, the Jazz's starting small forward said. I wouldn't be able to play for like seven or 10 days.