Karel Prinsloo, Associated Press
Madonna carries David Banda at Consol Homes, a day-care center in Malawi, on April 19, 2007. She is attempting to adopt the child.

Madonna's bid to adopt a Malawian toddler she found in an orphanage in 2006 is likely to be approved in court this week, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Alan Chinula said Madonna's legal team and government representatives would be in Lilongwe High Court on Thursday.

The pop star and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, are not required to be present. Judge Andrew Nyirenda will review two reports by Malawian officials overseeing the adoption of 2-year-old David Banda.

"We are confident he will grant the Ritchies permanent custody order," Chinula said.

Chief social welfare officer Simon Chisale wrote two glowing reports, describing Madonna a "perfect mum" for David, who was sickly and malnourished when she found him at the Home of Hope Orphanage. His mother died shortly after childbirth and his father was too poor to take care of him. He has since been with Madonna and her family in Britain.