With interest I read the letter from James Westwater's (Readers' Forum, May 6). I am a little confused by his remarks. He is for clean air, and he writes about the pollution in Logan, Salt Lake City and Provo. I quote from his letter: "Who is to blame? We are. We're way too dependent on fossil fuel vehicles."

Why doesn't Mr. Westwater lead the charge in getting rid of all coal-fired power plants in Logan, Salt Lake City and Provo? Why doesn't he lead the charge by himself getting rid of his automobiles and unplugging all electricity from his house?

To move the world Mr. Westwater must begin by moving himself. Don't get me wrong. I love clean air, but I also love my car, truck and a home with lights, a furnace and air conditioner. I can't have all of these things without giving up something in exchange.

Fran H. Washburn