Lawrence Jackson, Associated Press
Laura Bush

Storms that spawned violent tornadoes over the weekend slammed into President Bush's Texas ranch and threatened to disrupt wedding plans for Jenna Bush and Henry Hager, first lady Laura Bush said Monday.

"We did have a little — one setback on Friday night. While we were off in another town at the rehearsal dinner there was a tornado. ... All the catering ovens were turned over and the sides were ripped off the tent," she told a luncheon at the White House.

"But everyone worked wildly and you couldn't even tell the next night. It was just perfect; everything was great."

The first family and the White House have been extremely tightlipped about the private outdoor wedding ceremony on Saturday that drew about 200 guests.

But Laura Bush did not appear to have any reluctance to talk about it at the lunch for Senate spouses.

"We are tired. But it was really terrific," she said. "It was just perfect."

Friday night's rehearsal dinner was held in Salado, Texas, 54 miles from the ranch.