PROVO — The attorney for a man charged with gunning down his wife in an LDS church parking lot asked for direction Monday morning about getting medical help for his client.

Greg Skordas told 4th District Court Judge Claudia Laycock that David Ragsdale is "in need of some meds, anti-depressants, that aren't being provided at the jail."

Ragsdale, 35, turned himself in to Lehi Police Jan. 6 after he allegedly fatally shot his wife, Kristy Ragsdale, in the head and back.

Ragsdale's family members have previously told the media several times that they believe a poorly monitored prescription cocktail was to blame for Ragsdale's out-of-character behavior.

When he went to jail, Ragsdale was pulled off that medicine "cold turkey," his family says, which has made him sick.

Skordas told Laycock that Ragsdale had lost a "significant amount of weight" because he can't keep any food down.

Skordas said he will also be contacting jail authorities about getting medicine for Ragsdale.

Prosecutor Craig Johnson said he was surprised by Skordas' request and didn't know anything about Ragsdale's medical status before Monday's hearing.

He also questioned the irony of providing medicine to Ragsdale if the family is claiming that the medicines caused the fatal behavior.

"If these are the things that impaired him, why should we be prescribing these things to him in the jail?" Johnson asked.

Monday was scheduled to be a preliminary hearing, but attorneys agreed to continue it.

After the hearing, Skordas told the Deseret News he was on his way to the prosecutor's office to pick up new evidence.

Johnson said Skordas asked for the delay to review a potential plea deal, although Skordas denied there's a plea in the works.

Johnson said they will have six witnesses at the May 27 preliminary hearing, including Ann Palizzi, Kristy Ragsdale's mother.

Ragsdale is charged with aggravated murder, and two third-degree felony charges of domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Palizzi witnessed the shooting, as did several other church-goers including children.

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