WOODS CROSS — When you're a city the size of Woods Cross, one business, or the lack thereof, can make a big difference.

The local Menlove Toyota dealership, which is awaiting completion of a new building in Woods Cross, has taken up temporary quarters in neighboring Bountiful, about two blocks from its regular location.

Two blocks means that for the first half of fiscal year 2009, Woods Cross won't be counting on sales-tax revenue generated by the dealer, so the city's proposed budget, now available for public review, shows a sort of belt-tightening at the city level.

Residents shouldn't count on major capital projects from this July through June 2009. But their city will get some new police cars and a lawn mower, said city manager Gary Uresk.

The proposed fiscal 2009 general fund budget is $3,871,000, down from this year's budget of $3,912,000.

Normally, there's about $200,000 or so for capital projects, but they had to be scaled back this year, Uresk said.

"(The budget) is a little leaner, but we'll make it through," Uresk said.

That means residents won't have to worry about a tax increase, though water fees may increase to pay for drilling a new well and building a 3-million-gallon reservoir.

Currently, Woods Cross residents pay about $9 a month in water fees, a rate that may jump to $14 a month.

The city plans to bond for the new well, which is expected to cost about $5 million.

Currently, two of the city's drinking water wells are shut down because of contamination in groundwater, and Uresk said he expects the state to assist the city in finding a safe location for a new well.

The storage tank will be located in Bountiful, adjacent to an existing storage tank, Uresk said.

The public may view the proposed budget at Woods Cross City Hall, located at 1555 S. 800 West in Woods Cross.

A public hearing on the final budget will be held June 3 during the regular council meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Budget highlights

General fund: $3,871,000

Property tax increase: no

Expected fee increase: Water — $5 per month

New employees: none

Employee raises: 2 percent

Capital projects: new vehicles

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