A parolee at a halfway house in West Valley City who tried to escape Wednesday night failed to get far after he became wedged in the window he was trying to climb out.

The man, who was convicted of assault and was being treated in the program for the mentally ill, tried to crawl through the small window about 10:30 p.m. After he became stuck, he had to call out for other residents to get help, said Department of Corrections deputy director of operations Robyn Williams.

The window had to be dismantled to get the man out, she said.

Ironically, because Fremont is not a secure facility, the man could have just walked out the front door, Williams said. Many of the residents of the halfway house are allowed to come and go during the day and then remain at the facility at night.

Corrections officials said they would assess the situation to determine if any additional charges were warranted.