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Kailee Gilson, 6th Grade
Drawing by sixth-grader Kailee Gilson of Hobblecreek Elementary.

MAPLETON — The children in Nancy Madsen's, Heather Bingham's and Lara Twede's classes at Hobble Creek Elementary School have no problem when it comes to explaining why they love their mothers.

The consensus seems to be that good mothers do laundry, cook food, drive to the fun and dispense kisses and love at no charge.

"My mom is great because she helps me when I get heart," wrote first-grader Emma Schultz who then adds, "My mom helps me because she pulls down my bed."

"She takes me to fun places. She kisses me good night," said Kelsy Corfield.

Jane Anne Metler said her mom makes her lunch, and "She dus my londry."

Ty Wolkgramm appreciates the laundry, too. So does Cameron Dorny.

Cedar Madsen's mom not only does the laundry but "takes me to balae."

"My mom helps me do my dishes," said Carter Paxton.

"My momy is the niceest. My momy is prite," declared Tatia Weight.

"My mom tacs me to scool," said Kylie Swenson.

"My mom is so special because my mom tucks me in bed," said Aspen Madsen.

Jaden Christensen's mom does the same for him, and "she reds to me," he said.

Nick Hoffman likes help from his mom making his bed and with the dishes.

Jensyn Black appreciates his mother's help, too, and the fact that she "coocs food for me."

Anthony Barsley's mom is teaching him how to cook.

"She buys us food," said Samantha Smith.

"My mom helps me clen up," said Brandon Gordon.

"I like she waits on me!" said Kyle Chen.

Amir Abdel-Salam says his mom helps with his homework.

"My mom helps me wen I am sad," wrote Amanda Frei.

"She buys me things and plays with me," said Samantha Strunk.

Ethan Sowler's mom goes with him to places. He loves that.

Older children in Madsen and Twede's classes notice all the jobs moms take on.

Sixth-grader Kailee Gilson recognizes that her mom is nice because "she drives me a lot of places."

Hank Eaton just lays it out there: "I love my mom. She works too hard for me every day," he said.

"My mom's always smiling," said Nathan Black. "She is very nice, awesome and always looking to help."

Matthew Barker said his mom is good at English.

"She is nice. She is funny," said Tiffany Noorda.

Ty Moussen said his mom is the best mom in the world. "She help me clean my room. She cleans are house everyday."

Gavin Woolfe said his mother is a "very loving person and a very good housekeeper who can turn a pigsty into a palace in just a few hours."

"My mom buys happiness every day," said Hannah Memory.

"Mom. I love you more than anything," said Kyle Duzenberry.

"My mommy is the best because she is verry patient and every night she makes sure we have a good meal and she always washes and cleans," said Tiahna Petereit.

Alisa Twede said her mom always helps everyone and "will always love me no matter what!"

Brennon loves his mom's turkey dinners.

"You do my laundry. You feed me," said Noah Allen.

"Out of all she the nicest," said Kirstie Adsit.

"She is a good cook. She is funny," said Alexander Moreno.

Gregory Brown said his mom is always to willing to help. That's why she's the best.

Kevin Rose's mother cleans the house and makes dinner.

"She always cooks the best Sunday dinner roast," said Megan Elmont.

"She is nice and she loves me no matter what," said Erin Mayfield.

"She loves me no matter what I do and she is a good example to me," said Katelyn Brimhall.

"She is always there for me," said Emily Aviano.

"She works for me," said Ben Graves.

"Nice mom, kind, best mom ever," said Kaylee Merrill.

Tyler Gardanier said it's really his mom that's the best in the world.

"She's nice. She helps me," said James Harkness.

"She is nice. She good at sports," said Zack Hood.

"She takes me camping," said Rylan Hartugson.

"She's nice! She does my laundry," said Terran Adams.

"She loves me to much," said Mitchell Crane.

And last but not least, "She's nice. She does my homework!" said Tristan Johnson.

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