One legislative incumbent will face a primary battle come June.

Becky Edwards narrowly forced Rep. Paul Neuenschwander, R-Bountiful, into a primary at Saturday's Utah Republican Convention at Utah Valley State College. Now the two will go to the polls on June 24 to see who will be the Republican nominee in November.

In District 54, which stretches through Wasatch and Duschene counties, David Labrum and Kraig Powell will also go through a primary election.

In his convention speech, Labrum said he would "represent your wishes," while Powell tapped in on the on-going planning and zoning battles plaguing the area.

"I will make sure we find the proper Republican balance between private property rights — and our planning and zoning," Powell said.

Two incumbent Senators also skated out of Saturday's convention without having to go through a primary battle.

Sen. Mark Madsen, R- Lehi, and Sen. Allen Christensen, R-Ogden, both won renomination by securing at least 60 percent of the delegate vote.

In his convention speech, Christensen defended his vote against SB81, a controversial immigration bill passed in the recent legislative session, saying "this bill was the wrong bill at the wrong time.

"I do not condone illegal immigration," Christensen said. "I did vote against SB81. Illegal immigration is like a cancer that needs to be surgically cut out, but very carefully."

He said he will vote to support the recommendations made by an immigration legislative task force this summer.

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