Quite a storm front passed through the Salt Lake area on Friday. Warmth was felt throughout the state for its new favorite son, David Archuleta. His appearances were filled with pomp and the screams of thousands. But there was something more to his visit home. This young man is the real deal.

It has been refreshing for "American Idol" regulars to witness the true decency and humble demeanor Archuleta brings to reality television. Even the judges recognize he is an anomaly. So many childhood stars seem unprepared for fame, fortune and the responsibility that comes with both. They become the tragic tales of tabloid fodder. A grounded role model like David Archuleta deserves the attention of us all. A nice guy deserves to finish first in the game of life. He could date my daughter anytime. And for once, her choice would agree with her father.

J. Gordon Swensen