Every mother has a story or two. And it seems every child has a story or two about Mom.

Here are some new titles about mothers:

"Mother Nurture: Life Lessons From the Mothers of America's Best and Brightest," by Stephanie Hirsch (William Morrow: $24.95). Every success story begins with a mom. Just ask Steven Spielberg's mother.

"A Remarkable Mother," by Jimmy Carter (Simon & Schuster, $22.95). Memoir from former president about his mother, Miss Lillian, who once discussed the family's "two-holer" outhouse with Johnny Carson.

"Please Excuse My Daughter," by Julie Klam (Riverhead, $22.95). Memoir about growing up as the only daughter of a dependent mother who shunned a career.

"Riding Shotgun: Women Write About Their Mothers" (Borealis Books, $24.95). Collection of stories from the likes of Jonis Agee, Heid Erdrich and Morgan Grayce Willow.

"Making Up With Mom," by Julie Halpert and Deborah Carr (Thomas Dunne Books, $24.95). Explains why mothers and daughters disagree about kids, careers and casseroles, and what to do about it.

"Grabbing at Water: A Mother-Daughter Memoir,'' by Joan and Maddy Lambur (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, $14.95, paperback). The authors look at raising children from wildly different perspectives.

"Designated Daughter: The Bonus Years With Mom," by D.G. Fulford with Phyllis Greene (Voice, $22.95). Returning home after the death of her father, the author becomes her mother's closest companion.