PROVO — After the first four events in the 5A swim meet the Brighton boys team, as expected, has taken a commanding 155-82 lead. On the girls side Bingham is sitting in first place after Day 1 with a solid team performance.

"We liked the fact that our girls came out to compete," said Bingham's head coach Andee Bouwhuis.

The Miners did not have any first place finishers, but had several athletes finish on the podium. Kirsten Mathewson finished second in the 200-yard freestyle, with teammates Kiersten Bradshaw and Mackenzi Bradshaw placing fifth and seventh.

Andee Guy, Lindsay Westra, along with Mathewson and Barrow comprised the Bingham 200-yard medley relay that placed third.

Brighton, Lone Peak and Alta finished second through fourth in that order, but the teams are only separated by three total points.

Like Bingham, the Bengals did not place any top finishers but had a good team effort overall. The most notable finishes for Brighton include a fourth-place finish in the 200-yard medley relay and a fourth-place finish from Katy Daggett in the 200-yard freestyle. Daggett is only one of several very impressive freshman swimmers at this year's meet. Lone Peak's Sam Scoresby placed first in the 200-yard freestyle and Brittani Finlayson took third in the 200-yard individual medley event.

Scoresby and Finlayson, along with Rachel Hubert and Breanna Burk took second on the 200-yard medley relay.

Alta brought home the gold in the 200-yard medley relay, but it was Brianna Francis who had the race of the day for the Hawks.

Francis, who is a freshman, took first and broke the state record in the 200-yard individual medley.

"It feels amazing!" Francis exclaimed. She was quick to thank her great friends and family for all of the support and success.

The previous record of 2:04.68 was set by Sara Jayne Christiansen of East in 2006. Francis eclipsed the mark with a time of 2:04.03.

The final winner of the day was another freshman, this time hailing from Riverton. Abbey Sorensen turned in a winning time of 24.12 seconds in the 50-yard freestyle.

In the boys division, Brighton wasted no time jumping out to an early lead as Long Gutierrez, Kyle Spicer, Ryan Brinkerhoff and Tanner Weist won the 200-yard medley relay by a comfortable margin.

Gutierrez picked up another individual title a short time later and broke his own 5A record to boot in the 200-yard individual medley. Gutierrez didn't know he was on pace to reset his previous record but did admit that his race "felt really fast."

Sam Huff of Kearns grabbed another individual title in the 50-yard freestyle edging out Sam Bryson of David and Wiest from Brighton.

"It feels great (to go out on top)," said Huff. "I put in the work and it showed today."

Cottonwood is currently sitting in second thanks in large part to Alex Bowcut who found the top spot in the podium in the 200-yard freestyle. Jordan Dahle also had a nice race for the Colts, coming in second in the 200-yard individual medley.

The meet will continue today at noon in the Richards Building on BYU's campus.

5A Girls

Team Standings (thru 4 events)

1. Bingham 120; 2. Brighton 96; 3. Lone Peak 95; 4. Alta 93; 5. Riverton 72; 6. Kearns 66.

Individual Results

200-yard medley relay — 1. Alta (Hailey Wilkinson, Brianna Francis, Alicia May, Taylor Coffey) 1:49.67; 2. Lone Peak (Sam Scoresby, Brittani Finlayson, Breanna Burk, Rachel Hubert) 1:52.17; 3. Bingham (Mackenzie Barrow, Lindsay Westra, Kirsten Mathewson, Andee Guy) 1:52.38; 4. Brighton (Kaitlyn Overstreet, Abby Alger, Niki Brinkerhoff, Whitney Kennedy) 1:52.56; 5. Riverton (Erin Cavender, Madeline Christensen, Abbey Sorensen, Kaylene Finch) 1:53.74; 6. Kearns (Alisa Gouge, Melissa Bergesen, Sierra Erickson, Anna Parkinson) 1:54.86.

200-yard freestyle — 1. Sam Scoresby, Lone Peak, 1:55.11; 2. Kirsten Mathewson, Bingham, 1:55.48; 3. Rachel Hubert, Lone Peak 1:56.60; 4. Katy Daggett, Brighton, 1:57.96; 5. Kiersten Bradshaw, Bingham, 2:00.62; 6. Morgan King, American Fork, 2:01.81.

200-yard individual medley — *1. Brianna Francis, Alta, 2:04.03; 2. Melissa Bergesen, Kearns, 2:11.16; 3. Brittani Finlayson, Lone Peak, 2:12.56; 4. Ciera Orr, Bingham, 2:19.58; 5. Jessica Fullmer, Kearns, 2:19.58; 6. Madeline Christensen, Riverton, 2:20.83.

50-yard freestyle — 1. Abbey Sorensen, Riverton, 24.12; 2. Kristine Pataray, Copper Hills, 24.29; 3. Alicia May, Alta, 24.72; 4. Taylor Coffey, Alta, 25.26; 5. Rose Nelson, West, 25.35; 6. Erin Price, Cottonwood, 25.55.

5A Boys

Team Standings (thru 4 events)

1. Brighton 155; 2. Cottonwood 82; 3. Bingham 77; 4. Kearns 64; 5. Lehi 61; 6. Weber 46.

Individual Results

200-yard medley relay — 1. Brighton (Long Gutierrez, Ryan Brinkerhoff, Kyle Spicer, Tanner Wiest) 1:36.04; 2. Bingham (Shane Callihan, Trevor Bone, Joshua Haslam, Blair Roberts) 1:38.91; 3. Cottonwood (Brendan Nguyen, Jordan Dahle, Alex Bowcut, Koji Aoki) 1:39.33; 4. Lehi (Trevor Blackburn, Sam Blackburn, Tanner Frandsen, Jared Smith) 1:39.33; 5. Kearns (Kevin Anderson, Nathan Peercy, Thomas Haskan, Sam Huff) 1:39.85; 6. Hunter (Kyle Smith, Brandan Shelley, Taylor Clement, Mike Peters) 1:41.69.

200-yard freestyle — 1. Alex Bowcut, Cottonwood, 1:42.26; 2. Lars Thorderson, Viewmont, 1:46.54; 3. Drake Mendelson, Weber, 1:47.21; 4. Greg Mayer, Fremont, 1:47.28; 5. Jayden Rasband, Alta, 1:47.41; 6. Devin Froerer, Bingham, 1:47.81.

200-yard individual medley — 1. Long Gutierrez, Brighton, 1:53.65; 2. Jordan Dahle, Cottonwood, 1:55.35; 3. Trent Evans, Brighton, 1:55.35; 4. Christopher Nielson, Lone Peak, 1:56.40; 5. Zach Santella, Davis, 1:58.53; 6. Sam Blackburn, Lehi, 1:59.27.

50-yard freestyle — 1. Sam Huff, Kearns, 20.87; 2. Sam Bryson, Davis, 21.99; 3. Tanner Wiest, Brighton, 22.14; 4. Brandan Shelley, Hunter, 22.63; Parker Sorenson, Riverton, 22.68.

*Denotes State record