Happy birthday, SLAM!

This is SLAM's fifth birthday, and Plan-B Theatre Company is throwing a party. To help celebrate, the company has published an anthology of original, full-length plays, produced by Plan-B. SLAM is the first time you can get your hands on the book before it hits bookstores.

"There's a couple of reasons we did the book," said Jerry Rapier, producing director of Plan-B. "I think that there's a fear of new work in the theater world in general and particularly here in Utah. There seems to be a mentality that if it's written outside of Utah that it's worth producing. Our philosophy is, there's an amazing amount of talent here. We want to foster new work."

Plan-B is the first theater company in Utah history to publish a book of this sort. "Plan-B Theater Company: Collected Works" consists of six scripts, including "Amerika," "Miasma," "Facing East," "The Alienation Effekt," "Exposed," and "The End of the Horizon," and also has two Radio Hour scripts.

If you've been to SLAM before, you'll notice a few changes this year.

SLAM is moving from the 240-seat Black Box theater to the 500-seat Jeanne Wagner Theatre.

You'll also notice more actors on stage — 25 instead of 15.

And while you flip through your new book, Plan-B will also have a cash bar.