As a volunteer petitioner gathering signatures among Millcreek Township residents, may I set the record straight? Of approximately 1,000 people I have spoken with over the past four years, 94 percent support the right to vote on the future of our township. James Powers wants to deny them that voice and choice ("Should Millcreek be incorporated," My View, Feb. 7).

Incorporation proponents stand to gain nothing personally and are solely interested in having local government that responds to its citizens. Has Powers forgotten the UPD fee slapped upon unincorporated county residents? Is he aware of the 2300 East "improvement project" that threatens horrific traffic snarls at the freeway exit and eminent domain against residents on that street?

This federally funded project is being pushed through by the county, heedless of the pleas of long-term residents most affected. Do these issues "seem to be fine in their present state?" Finally, did Powers attend the SB73 hearings like others of us? Cities interested in annexing your neighborhood wield mighty power and won't brook last-minute attempts to change the law. If you want to know where the money is, look to the cities and county.

I've no idea why Powers thinks incorporation proponents have "tens of thousands of dollars" to spend on advertising. We are not funded by anyone "who stands to benefit the most by incorporation;" our time and in-kind donations are a significant sacrifice. Please do not be persuaded by his unfounded tactics. Allow residents to decide their own future through the democratic process.

Margie Lamb