PLEASANT GROVE — Quick, what teams come to your mind when you hear the word dynasty?

If you're a high school wrestling fan in the state of Utah, undoubtedly Pleasant Grove bounced around your noggin' like a pinball machine. The Vikings championship banners emblazon the rafters in the gymnasium endlessly.

Pleasant Grove has won a total of 13 wrestling championships stemming from 1971 until as recently as last year in 2011. The school has won 14 separate state titles in all other combined sports since its inception in 1912.

This year, the Vikings have only one voyage.

Win that illustrious 14th title and officially solidify the wrestling program as winning exactly half of the school's hardware.

Well folks, that journey is well on it's way as PG slaughtered the Region 4 championship with an overall score of 450.5 at its own stomping grounds Wednesday night.

Bingham finished second with a total score of 221.5.

"We just get after it, PG is known for wrestling," said Vikings senior captain Korbin Levin. "We have great coaches. When we get in tight situations we know what to do — we just wrestle hard. It's definitely (showed) by the score (tonight). That's how we needed to go into state, we wanted to qualify as (many) kids as we (could)."

Throughout the 14 weight classes, Pleasant Grove qualified 25 players for the state tournament.

Levin, a two-time state champion, easily trekked through the 120-pound division with two pins and a 19-1 decision in the second round to improve to 48-0 on the season.

"The pressure is on my back. I have two titles, hopefully going for three, it's a big target," he said. "When I lose it's a big deal, but when I win it's not — so it's kind of frustrating. I just have to wrestle my hardest and get the job done."

Lone Peak (172.0), Lehi (167.5), American Fork (151.5) and Riverton (55.0) completed the final standings for the meet.

In the championship bouts, PG was approaching a clean sweep of the competition — winning the 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138 and 145-pound divisions before American Fork's Tyler Horan stopped the bleeding and finally secured a victory in the 152 weight class.

"We just show up, dominate and go home. That's how PG does it. That's how we've done it for the last couple of years," said Pleasant Grove's Thomas Wind. "We're pretty confident we'll take state."

Wind (29-25), only a sophomore, earned his stripes in the 145-division by upsetting American Fork's Richard Bartholomew (38-7), 6-4.

Nine out of the 14 individual medalists donned blue and white Wednesday: Kyson Levin (106), Landon Gates (113), Korbin Levin (120), Josh Anderson (126), Bridger Cutler (132), Josh Jones (138), Wind (145), Brandon Dennison (220) and Zachary Dawe (285).

"We're a family. We come together when we need to," said Wind when asked what mentality PG employs for such staggering results, "we're there for each other no matter what. We work hard in the room with each other."

American Fork's Horan (152) and Brayden Rhoton (160), Bingham's Jae Lobdell (170), JJ Larson (182) and Paul Langi (195) were all crowned champions in their respective weight classes.

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Region 4 Wrestling Championship

At Pleasant Grove High

Team Results:

1. Pleasant Grove, 450.5; 2. Bingham, 221.5; 3. Lone Peak, 172.0; 4. Lehi, 167.5; 5. American Fork, 151.5; 6. Riverton, 55.0.

Individual Results (Top 6 Qualify for State Tournament):

106 — 1. Kyson Levin, Pleasant Grove; 2. Parker Christensen, Pleasant Grove; 3. Jackson Wilson, American Fork; 4. Dalton Rice, Lehi; 5. Alex Romero, Bingham; 6. Landon Memmott, Lehi.

113 — 1. Landon Gates, Pleasant Grove; 2. Troy Tebbs, Lone Peak; 3. Brayden Llewellyn, Pleasant Grove; 4. Colton Shieving, Bingham; 5. Mike Schroeppel, Bingham; 6. Coleman Wadsworth, Lehi.

120 — 1. Korbin Levin, Pleasant Grove; 2. Jordan McRae, Bingham; 3. Chris Anderson, Lehi; 4. Reagan Bodily, Lehi; 5. Taylor Kump, Pleasant Grove; 6. Andrew Cindrich, American Fork.

126 — 1. Josh Anderson, Pleasant Grove; 2. Caden Ercanbrack, Pleasant Grove; 3. Chase Hanson, Bingham; 4. Andrew Bartholomew, American Fork; 5. Collin Walker, Lone Peak; 6. Mitch Robinson, Bingham.

132 — 1. Bridger Cutler, Pleasant Grove; 2. Bronson Young, Pleasant Grove; 3. Tarrik Abplanalp, Bingham; 4. Vince Miller, Lehi; 5. Porter Thomas, Lone Peak; 6. Chris Coca, Lehi.

138 — 1. Josh Jones, Pleasant Grove; 2. Cody Corrington, Lehi; 3. Bailey Carlson, Pleasant Grove; 4. Stockton Butterfield, Riverton; 5. Jake Curtis, Bingham; 6. Trenton Kirkham, American Fork.

145 — 1. Thomas Wind, Pleasant Grove; 2. Richard Bartholomew, American Fork; 3. Jeremy Ranck, Riverton; 4. Danny Cardenas, Pleasant Grove; 5. David Busko, Lehi; 6. Sawyer Young; Lone Peak.

152 — 1. Tyler Horan, American Fork; 2. Tyler Johnson, Lone Peak; 3. Taylor Davis, Pleasant Grove; 4. Evan Sandquist, Riverton; 5. Kia 'i Kurihara, American Fork; 6. Garrett Batley, Lehi.

160 — 1. Brayden Rhoton, American Fork; 2. Trevor Hanson, Lehi; 3. Bryce Christensen, Bingham; 4. Andrew Carlson, Riverton; 5. Jacob Pulver, Pleasant Grove; 6. Jacob Read, Pleasant Grove.

170 — 1. Jae Lobdell, Bingham; 2. Brock Wilson, Lehi; 3. Sam Beck, Lone Peak; 4. Sam Bateman, American Fork; 5. Rigel Hodson, Lone Peak; 6. Corey Robbins, Pleasant Grove.

182 — 1. JJ Larson, Bingham; 2. Marcos Garcia, Pleasant Grove; 3. Nick Heninger, Bingham; 4. Adam Packer, Lone Peak; 5. McKay Clement, Pleasant Grove; 6. Ryan Absher, Lehi.

195 — 1. Paul Langi, Bingham; 2. Silas Olsen, American Fork; 3. Justin Simpson, Lone Peak; 4. Brady Schmidt, Lone Peak; 5. Austin Taylor, Pleasant Grove; 6. Eli Sosa, Lehi.

220 — 1. Brandon Dennison, Pleasant Grove; 2. Luke Haggard, Lone Peak; 3. Blake Crenshaw, Pleasant Grove; 4. Brigham Page, Lone Peak; 5. Brackin Stringam, Lehi; 6. Josh Fennell, Bingham.

285 — 1. Zachary Dawe, Pleasant Grove; 2. Michael Grace, Pleasant Grove; 3. Austin Kruger, Lone Peak; 4. Will Nasalia, Bingham; 5. Tyrell Porter, Lehi; 6. James Lewis, American Fork.