Nati Harnik, Associated Press
In this Aug. 9, 2011 photo, Gary Hartwig of Gretna, Neb., fuels his car at a Costco gas station in Omaha, Neb.

As a consumer, are you aware the federal government and the petroleum companies are making you use a fuel mix in your car, boat and lawn equipment that is not fuel efficient or good for your equipment? Do you know what ethanol fuel is? Since midsummer, the switch was made to add ethanol to the fuel mix. It is a 90 percent gas blend with 10 percent ethanol (corn alcohol) fuel. You may have noticed a drop in your miles-per-gallon rate of your car.

This gas mix doesn't produce the energy regular fuel did, so there is a drop in your rate, typically three to five miles per gallon. Ethanol fuel will not store over 90 days because of phase separation (fuel separation). After 90 days, this gas mix turns toxic and unusable. No fuel additive will correct the problem.

Small-engine repair shops are reporting the melting of primer bulbs, fuel lines and rubber parts. The nature of ethanol is to absorb water. If you own a watercraft, it is in a wet and humid environment absorbing ever more water.

Starting your stored boat, lawnmower, etc., will be difficult if not impossible because of this phase separation. If you did not drain this fuel mix and oil-fog the engine before storage, you will learn what phase separation is all about, and it is expensive.

We as consumers are forced to use this garbage fuel and live with all the damage and problems. We need to insist on pure fuel.

Dan Hadley

South Ogden